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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back From A Week On Bora

Spent a glorious dry week on Bora without the cast and crutches, didn't get a chance to do any fishing, but from all the talk with those in the know, I didn't miss anything. Spent the week seeing old friends, and renewing old aquaintances. Spent time with my wife's cousins, aunts, uncles and a hell of a lot of friends that some of which I hadn't seen in about 10 years. Managed to smoke some dynamite stuffs, know also that it didn't make me any smarter or wiser, but it sure did make me a lot happier and more relaxed. Took a hell of a lot of photos, and am in the process of winnowing the wheat from the chaff.. I'll post em as I finish them. More laters....


At 08:46, Blogger iamcoyote said...

Cool! At first I thought this was fireworks. Aw, man, I wish I were there!


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