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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dammit! I Forgot To Give Credit

Shit! There's this old Navy Seal who thought up the idea of the great photo and the wording on the Barak Photo that I posted earlier... He's one of the smartest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (along with Reading), His Blog is here If you want good common sense reading material be sure to visit him. Besides, He makes the best fucking truffles in the universe. As the Hawaiians say, "Dey are broke da mout kine stuffs!" A little birdie stopped by this morning and told me he's goin back into production real soon, so Boys and Gurls, getcher orders in and get ready for a climax that will really ring your bells!

A Photo is gonna follow tomorrow of Minstril Boy's wares, I still have a dozen plus two and only share them with those I love or ladies whom I want to get into... (you listenin' mama?)


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