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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hello There! It's Been A Long Long Time

Well, I'm back after over a year of not posting. So much to talk about, and so much has passed since I last posted, I don't really know where to begin.

When you are older than dirt, you think you have just about seen it all, and you would think that in the "Golden Years" the twilight of your life, you would have more time to do the things you like, and teach those you love the things you know and want them to know, but life isn't like that, or so I am finding out.

Family members have gone to where ever they go when they die, Others have fallen ill, and been hospitalized and the sun still comes up in the morning and sets in the evening. Mom is still praying for Dubya, Sis is part of the Freeper Army and is trying to save the Snowflakes, and I keep telling her that we haven't had any snow yet.

Weather patterns have changed so very much that I don't recognize the seasons any longer. The trees here in Oregon haven't lost all their leaves, and even the roses are still blooming (between the frosts). Tell me that Global warming isn't a scientific fact!

A little good has come out of the past year. We have a Black Person running for president and the way things look, he has a better than fair chance to possibly win the Democratic Party's nomination. To me, it is one of the greatest things of my life time. I really would like to see an African American as President. Especially one as bright and intelligent as Barack Obama. It's Time! We have had a lot of mediocre to piss poor leaders in the immediate past and I believe that Barack can take us back to where we need to be, or at least put us on that path. I, for one don't want another "Family" Dynasty. The Bushes fucked us royally, got very rich off of the common man (and woman), and have left a debt that even your great grand children will not be able to pay off. Ronnie Raygun, the empty suit started the US down this fucking path, lil Bill (Can't keep it in his pants) Clinton followed it, by being a whore for the corporations, and Dubya.... Man!!! What the fuck can I say about that cowardly, treacherous, lying, cheating, coke sniffing, law breaking, treasonous, war starting mother fucking bastard... I want the mother fucker impeached, sentenced and hung with an old shit covered rope. I want the motherfucker to die slowly, days, hours, minutes, seconds....... as he thinks about all my military brothers and sisters he condemned to death or a lifetime of suffering from the wars HE started. For all the families who have had to endure grief through out the world. For all the innocents who have died as "collateral damage", suffered the loss of either one, or both of their parents. For all those starving while the rich get richer, and the poor have no way to go but down.. Goddamn! I hate that motherfucker, and every motherfucking Repig Sonofabitchin Bastard who ever lived and is still living!

I saw a fantastic graphic on Black Wraith's Site that I am gonna swipe and post here along with this rant.. It expresses my and many others feelings to a "T".

I have been working 20 hours a day for over a year now, and finally got my better half up here from Tahiti, to give me a hand... She is my stable element, and rudder.
She calms the stormy seas within my brain, and has a calming effect that I do not otherwise have. Mom is fast approaching 90, I am only a couple of months away from 70, and don't believe that I will have the chance to see my grandkids grow, or to teach them the things that grand dads normally teach. But if I can't be there, I believe that I have found a good way to keep in touch and at least teach verbally.

A couple of old ex-pat friends on the Island of Bora Bora told me about this real neat Phone system that allows me to call home on VOIP and allows users (of the same service) to talk anywhere in the world for free. It uses either a software system or a hardware VOIP telephone to accomplish this. At present I am using the software system and have called Tahiti 5 times today for FREE... Fuck YOU Ma Bell!!! You shit eating whore! You may have changed your name to Qwest, Verizon, or a half a dozen other names, but you can't fool me... I refuse to give you a fucking copper for your services. For anyone that might be interested you can go and look at their hardware/software and pricing for phone calls to pots lines throughout the world... Remember, if you have a computer fast enough to allow you to use a software phone you can go to their Download Page and download the SIP Soft Phone they have them for older windows along with Vista RTFM!!!! You don't have to spend a dime, after you install and join, as it is a pay as you go system, and as long as you are calling another TalkPro User the phone call is free, You only need a monetary account to call people on POTS lines..

I have a million things running through my mind right now, and being part of the "Old and In The Way" crowd, I'm gonna shut up and post this delightful missive and try to get back here tomorrow and stir the shit a little bit more..

Also, if you keep your gods outta my government, I will help keep the fucking government outta your Fucking Churches....

Just this old Chief's 2¢


At 21:57, Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

if you go to dark wraith's site he has a section on all the coding tricks for html. . .

good to see you back in the swing of things.

At 05:45, Blogger moderate said...

well I'm a sonofabitch! The Chief's back in business! I thought you fell off the end of the earth. Good to see you, old timer...now we can enjoy some of that Navy humor!

Keep the faith, homie...and peace!

At 07:24, Blogger Maheanuu Tane said...

Gawd Damn!

On my first cast in over a year I managed to hook two lunkers...

Mod, I would like to introduce you to Minstrel Boy, and Minstrel Boy take it easy on this Jar Head, He's Sooper!

At 00:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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