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Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Jeezbus!!! How time flys..... I am HOME, back in Paradise. Arrived home on Raiatea on 5 July spent the whole month of July and most of August sleeping, eating, taking photos, going to various and sundry doctors... Finally got back on a normal diet and after over 3 months of NO veggies... I am allowed to have anything and everything... Damn, I been piggin' out! I managed to gain 3.5 kilos since returning, I managed to take about 7 thousand photos of Heiva 2009 here in Raiatea. My Daughter and Son in Law decided last February to put together a Dance team and musical group for the contest here in July... I really didn't expect much as for a Hawaiian Tahitian group to get even close to being a competition usually takes a couple of years, and then they aren't really a big thing... But this year, Motu Vaihitemanu a brand spanking new team took best male dancer and locked up solid Second Place in the Island competition... Not shabby at all for a new face on the block... Makes me really proud of my family.... I will post photos up here as I get a round tuitt...


At 14:36, Blogger iamcoyote said...

See how out of it I've been! Dang - Sorry about your nephew, sorry I wasn't there for you to at least rant to someone! Sending much karma your way, darlin' - hugs to everyone.


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