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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just When I Think You've Hit Bottom

Along comes another statement by those wonerful elected officials that are supposed to be doing your bidding. ie' ""Fox News: Ben Nelson Opposes Health Reform Because He ‘Understands The True Meaning Of Christmas’ ""

Fuck Me Dead!!!! What are we supposed to do, put cluster bombs in the stockings of every child in the world, Goddamn these selfserving piggish sons of bitches. They have balls they have to haul around in a 9m3 Dump Truck... I would give both arms after I had a chance to pass through the hallowed halls of Congress with several socks and several bars of soap.. Gimme Ivory, it is dense as hell and it floats, besides it makes one hell of a persuader insid a Navy sock... Old Navy Justice, made a believer out of a whole bunch of incorrigibles... They all crying and hollering about the babies and not a fucking word about the women and children along with all the civilian men and innocents that they kill with their new age weapons... Perhaps a nuke on DC might make a difference, but then again with the brilliance you are showing thes days, life probably would go on as usual, Your churches would be full of self centered pompus assholes who believe some clown named Noah built a skiff and loaded all the animules one by one aboard and floated off into the distance till some silly fuckin bird brought him an olive branch... You believe that shit you better get a life.... You too stupid to operate that's for sure!


At 21:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

At 01:17, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

It's refreshing to read a blog where someone doesn't coat the message with sugar so it will go down easier.

I've been accused many a time of being caustic or a mean-spirited asshole just because I got right to the point and didn't pretty it up.
To me, that's a waste of time.

But it seems there's at least one, maybe two generations of people in the USA that have been trained to be as ferocious as new born kittens.

And the corrupt bastards in DC know this and walk all over us, because they know no one will protest.

What shitty world we've made for our kids and grandkids.


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