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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Am A Enemy Combatant!

God Damn Repigs, no matter what sex, race, profession, or proclivities they have or profess to have, it seems to me that each and every one of them are not worth a tinkers damn. These hypocritical morsels of feces are beneath contempt, and my one and only hope is that we will be able to turn the tide and put the leaders of this fetid pile of shit in prisons for the rest of their natural lives. These people are not human, they care nothing for anyone that is not of their ilk. If you are not rich and one of them, then you count for nothing. You deserve nothing for your labor, your opinions, values, principles, scruples, humanity and passions are nothing to them. I for one, am your enemy, and I will do everything within my power to destroy your party and your holding of power. I will remain within the law, however. Which is more than you as a party have done. You and the slimy religious right, have lied, cheated, stolen, corrupted, bribed, and cajoled your way to the apex of a fascist government that is very clearly observable to over 90% of the rest of the world. The country of my birth (it's government) is reviled by a great majority of the rest of the world, and deservedly so. You make me ashamed that I am an American! I personally wouldn't piss on a Republicans face were it on fire.... You do not serve your country in any of the patriotic duties that normal citizens before you have served. You are the me first group. The I deserve it group. You worship some god that seems to tell you that you are deserving and righteous, you are pro-choice if it is convenient to be so, but you have abortions on the sly. You have sexual predators serving in congress, along with charlatans, cheats, thieves, closeted gays in the very highest positions, who in turn, oppress other gays, and in turn deny them rights that every human being should have.
You have, by foul means, installed a government that has committed felonies beyond my abilities to count. Everything from fixing elections by illegal vote changing software, to disenfranchising thousands upon thousands of voters for no other reason that they were either poor, or of a different race, or status than you.
You glorify the banal, the profane and the trivial. You are liars and hypocrites and do not deserve the label of Compassionate. You have taken liberties with history, with others lives, hounded a very good president and his family for the better part of eight years. But when it comes to the Cowardly Son Of A Bitch that you have ensconced in Al Gore's White House, you believe that your silly god speaks through him... If he does, then you have one really ignorant god that you listen to... Makes me really relieved that I am an atheist!

The latest little shenanigan that you pulled really takes the prize! How in the fuck can you live with yourself after destroying the Bill Of Rights by passing a law that makes a mockery of Habeas corpus and puts anyone that dis-agrees with anyone in the executive branch in jeopardy with no recourse? What a group of pompus, effette, ignorant group you are... Traitors, is truly what you are and hopefully the time is coming when you will be required to pay for the damages you have caused to the country... The time to pay the piper is coming, and I hope that you choke on the fucking bill...

As I said, I am truly your enemy, and being a retired military person, I am a combatant, and am in a very combative mood... Remember this, there are thousands upon thousands of us out there, and you had better be afraid, very fucking afraid!!!!