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Monday, January 14, 2008

Avearii's In Paris

Looking for x-ray technician training?

My Daughter Fanny is in Paris with my nephew/grandson Avearii. He was medevac'd to France to undergo treatment for a cancer of the blood. I know hardly nothing about the diagnosis so far, but called another nephew this morning, and talked to him and also got my daughters phone # and called her. She is staying in the room that he is in for the moment and will be moved when he starts his treatments and goes into isolation. He is quite weak and very tired from the journey and the disease, and I will have more information this Thursday on his condition and his chances... My nephew Doumai, is attending the University in Paris and I have his brother and another nephew there also who are watching out for Fanny and Avearii. We are very fortunate in that respect. I don't have to worry about much either at home in Tahiti, or in the Metropole. My hopes are high, and so are my spirits. I trust French Medicine more than that of the US... I have seen them pull off things that the US would have never even attempted.

Our Spirits are high, and we have better than an average chance of beating this beast.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Medevacs make for a long weekend

Looking for x-ray technician training?

Here, it is just a few minutes before 09:00 and just got off the phone with my daughter who will be leaving for Paris tonight from Papeete. She is going on a Medevac Flight with my adopted grandson Avearii. He is actually my nephew, but the Tahitians have an old system much like the American Indians or the Hawaiians where they adopt family members from other family members. Sometimes it is the fact that the real parents cannot afford another child, sometimes it is the idea that a child will do better with another part of the family. Perhaps it is the education, the upbringing, or any number of things, but they all work and work very well.

Avearii was diagnosed last week with a type of blood cancer, he came down with blue spots all over his body, went into convulsions and was first in our hospital on Raiatea then moved to the main hospital in Papeete, now that he has regained some strength and is in good enough shape to go to Paris, they are moving him tonight. His real mom, my sister in law, several uncles and my daughter and her family are all in Papeete today and I am asking everyone who knows me even from my blog to please think good thoughts... Not much on miracles or things, but good thoughts wouldn't hurt...

The flight from Papeete to Paris is right around 24 hours, and I won't hear anything until Sunday nite or Monday morning... Gots all my fingers and toes crossed....

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Got The Middle Of The Week Blahs

Here I am, on a rainy, cold and generally, miserable night trying to put my thoughts together after the Clinton squeaker in NH last night. I guess that the best way to describe my opinion of that win is with the old Navy addage, Shit Floats.

It's not that I don't like Hillary as a person, I really have nothing inside that draws me towards her. I feel, that if she were to be elected president, justice would not be served. Herr George and the rest of these mainiacal bastards who have destroyed the country of my birth's reputation, integrety, honesty, and decency, would be excused and all the evil deeds done to each and every one of us and to the world would go unpunished. I don't give a rat's ass about the law of today, it is only there to protect the very wealthy or the well connected. If you are a ordinary person, a blue collar worker or just part of the masses, your ass is on the line. Each and every person who served in the military, took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, and to protect the country from all enemies, Foreign AND Domestic. I have now been out of the Military (active duty) for over thirty three years. I still have not forgot the oaths I took each time I shipped over. I believe in Honor. And, without justice there is NO HONOR. From my position as a Dual Citizen, I feel shame each and every time I am called an American. The entire world doesn't trust us. Why should they? We have been fed, and are still being fed, a pack of lies. The United States is hypocritical in it's dealings with it's citizens. You history has been made up by a cabal of Racist White People who preach tolerance, humanity, goodness, and then eradicate entire populations of other nations, tribes, kingdoms and peoples just for the benefit of a very few. This has been going on since the founding of the country and before. I don't know the why of this abominable plan, but I do know for a fact that the above is true. We killed thousands of Native Americans, Took the Kingdom of Hawaii, The Islands of the Philippines, Guam, and other Pacific Islands in our quest for domination and still to this day, are on the same immoral path.

It sort of makes a person want to puke!

Nuff Said


'Ua feruri maoro vau i teinei!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vanilla, Chocolate, And MB's Exquisite Truffles

I have this friend, who, in my book, is a sheer genius. He is a bit younger than I, much better educated, more articulate, a musician, who plays professionally on more instruments than I can count, and is a chocolatier of the premier class. Period!

The funny thing is, I have never met him face to face. And wouldn't recognize him if he walked up to me and started talking unless he mentioned something that we had talked about. We have many things in common, and mutual friends that we both know from our different lines of work. I am not talking about internet friends, I am talking about personal friends. I was never introduced to this gentleman, I ran across his website way back when, and have been following his writings for over a year. Living in Tahiti, and married to a Polynesian, I love tropical/oriental foods of all kinds. And this guy cooks/bakes/candies things and puts recipies up on his site that are to die for. I started downloading all his recipies and sending them home to the wife and family to try, and they were blown away by not only the very accurate measurements, but the totally understandable directions that he writes in the production of whatever he is cooking.

Anyhooney, to make a long story short, last fall MB, was extolling on the virtues of Tahitian Vanilla, how much better it was in cooking that most of the vanilla that you can get in here unless you go to a health food or specialty store for it. As vanilla is grown by almost every Tahitian family in the outer islands (at least those who live outside the town) for their own personal use, we have kilograms of the beans bundled, drying or in hermetic storage year round. So, I made him an offer that he couldn't refuse and in turn, I got some truffles just in time for my wife's arrival and for our anniversary (same day), that were the best that I have ever had in my life. I hate to admit it, but I am a chocolate snob. I have had chocolate from around the world, all types, all kinds. No matter where I go, I look for chocolate as my pick me up food. I am very partial to dark chocolate, but since the candied ginger truffles in white chocolate arrived, I have this craving for white now also.
When MB was talking about his truffles, I envisioned a truffle about a half to three quarters of an inch in diameter, but these puppies are as big, or bigger than a golf ball. One will carry you for a whole day, and two will overdose you.... Now if I can persuade him to make some pakalolo ones (white or brown, who cares when you are dreamin') Those would be mine, and mine alone!!!! Perhaps I would share one with one or two of our esteemed legislators, I wouldn't care if they were in the House, or the Senate, I would very much love to give it to them just before a vote on Health care, Medical Marijuana legisalation, or some other bill that was to benefit the people and not the corporations... Oh well, just a pipe dream, and I ain't been smokin nothing stronger than that legal shit that kills you... That shit grown by the hicks in the south and sold to us that is more addictive than heroin, and kills you dead, fucks you up and thereby fucks over your family...

Nuff Said! This was to be a post on Chocolate and Truffles, also a photo of the same Truffles in their original box so everyone could get an idea of how very good MB is.
No, he didn't know that I was gonna write this missive, and I am getting nothing outta it other than the satisfaction that I could say Thank You to a fellow Sailor, a brother in arms who served in the Nam along with the other tens of thousands of us who served in that fucked up war.

The photo of the Vanilla is one my wife took of a plant next to the house growing on a small mango tree that she planted a few years back. The vanilla flower is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter, petal tip to petal tip, through the center of the flower....

The photo of the truffles was taken by me tonite, and if I catch you reachin' for one, you'll draw back a stub...

No rant or rants tonight, strictly flowers and candy.... Now for a little of what is posted in the post below this one and I will call it a good night...

Haere Maru, Haere Papu

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Couple Of Photo's As I Sorely Need A Critique!

Xmas lites

This is a video, not for the faint of heart... If you don't like nekkid ladies then perhaps you should not view this hilarious video. But if you are like 99.999999% of all the sailors and military people in the world, you will get a chuckle outta this one.

Dammit! I Forgot To Give Credit

Shit! There's this old Navy Seal who thought up the idea of the great photo and the wording on the Barak Photo that I posted earlier... He's one of the smartest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (along with Reading), His Blog is here If you want good common sense reading material be sure to visit him. Besides, He makes the best fucking truffles in the universe. As the Hawaiians say, "Dey are broke da mout kine stuffs!" A little birdie stopped by this morning and told me he's goin back into production real soon, so Boys and Gurls, getcher orders in and get ready for a climax that will really ring your bells!

A Photo is gonna follow tomorrow of Minstril Boy's wares, I still have a dozen plus two and only share them with those I love or ladies whom I want to get into... (you listenin' mama?)

Hello There! It's Been A Long Long Time

Well, I'm back after over a year of not posting. So much to talk about, and so much has passed since I last posted, I don't really know where to begin.

When you are older than dirt, you think you have just about seen it all, and you would think that in the "Golden Years" the twilight of your life, you would have more time to do the things you like, and teach those you love the things you know and want them to know, but life isn't like that, or so I am finding out.

Family members have gone to where ever they go when they die, Others have fallen ill, and been hospitalized and the sun still comes up in the morning and sets in the evening. Mom is still praying for Dubya, Sis is part of the Freeper Army and is trying to save the Snowflakes, and I keep telling her that we haven't had any snow yet.

Weather patterns have changed so very much that I don't recognize the seasons any longer. The trees here in Oregon haven't lost all their leaves, and even the roses are still blooming (between the frosts). Tell me that Global warming isn't a scientific fact!

A little good has come out of the past year. We have a Black Person running for president and the way things look, he has a better than fair chance to possibly win the Democratic Party's nomination. To me, it is one of the greatest things of my life time. I really would like to see an African American as President. Especially one as bright and intelligent as Barack Obama. It's Time! We have had a lot of mediocre to piss poor leaders in the immediate past and I believe that Barack can take us back to where we need to be, or at least put us on that path. I, for one don't want another "Family" Dynasty. The Bushes fucked us royally, got very rich off of the common man (and woman), and have left a debt that even your great grand children will not be able to pay off. Ronnie Raygun, the empty suit started the US down this fucking path, lil Bill (Can't keep it in his pants) Clinton followed it, by being a whore for the corporations, and Dubya.... Man!!! What the fuck can I say about that cowardly, treacherous, lying, cheating, coke sniffing, law breaking, treasonous, war starting mother fucking bastard... I want the mother fucker impeached, sentenced and hung with an old shit covered rope. I want the motherfucker to die slowly, days, hours, minutes, seconds....... as he thinks about all my military brothers and sisters he condemned to death or a lifetime of suffering from the wars HE started. For all the families who have had to endure grief through out the world. For all the innocents who have died as "collateral damage", suffered the loss of either one, or both of their parents. For all those starving while the rich get richer, and the poor have no way to go but down.. Goddamn! I hate that motherfucker, and every motherfucking Repig Sonofabitchin Bastard who ever lived and is still living!

I saw a fantastic graphic on Black Wraith's Site that I am gonna swipe and post here along with this rant.. It expresses my and many others feelings to a "T".

I have been working 20 hours a day for over a year now, and finally got my better half up here from Tahiti, to give me a hand... She is my stable element, and rudder.
She calms the stormy seas within my brain, and has a calming effect that I do not otherwise have. Mom is fast approaching 90, I am only a couple of months away from 70, and don't believe that I will have the chance to see my grandkids grow, or to teach them the things that grand dads normally teach. But if I can't be there, I believe that I have found a good way to keep in touch and at least teach verbally.

A couple of old ex-pat friends on the Island of Bora Bora told me about this real neat Phone system that allows me to call home on VOIP and allows users (of the same service) to talk anywhere in the world for free. It uses either a software system or a hardware VOIP telephone to accomplish this. At present I am using the software system and have called Tahiti 5 times today for FREE... Fuck YOU Ma Bell!!! You shit eating whore! You may have changed your name to Qwest, Verizon, or a half a dozen other names, but you can't fool me... I refuse to give you a fucking copper for your services. For anyone that might be interested you can go and look at their hardware/software and pricing for phone calls to pots lines throughout the world... Remember, if you have a computer fast enough to allow you to use a software phone you can go to their Download Page and download the SIP Soft Phone they have them for older windows along with Vista RTFM!!!! You don't have to spend a dime, after you install and join, as it is a pay as you go system, and as long as you are calling another TalkPro User the phone call is free, You only need a monetary account to call people on POTS lines..

I have a million things running through my mind right now, and being part of the "Old and In The Way" crowd, I'm gonna shut up and post this delightful missive and try to get back here tomorrow and stir the shit a little bit more..

Also, if you keep your gods outta my government, I will help keep the fucking government outta your Fucking Churches....

Just this old Chief's 2ยข