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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just When I Think You've Hit Bottom

Along comes another statement by those wonerful elected officials that are supposed to be doing your bidding. ie' ""Fox News: Ben Nelson Opposes Health Reform Because He ‘Understands The True Meaning Of Christmas’ ""

Fuck Me Dead!!!! What are we supposed to do, put cluster bombs in the stockings of every child in the world, Goddamn these selfserving piggish sons of bitches. They have balls they have to haul around in a 9m3 Dump Truck... I would give both arms after I had a chance to pass through the hallowed halls of Congress with several socks and several bars of soap.. Gimme Ivory, it is dense as hell and it floats, besides it makes one hell of a persuader insid a Navy sock... Old Navy Justice, made a believer out of a whole bunch of incorrigibles... They all crying and hollering about the babies and not a fucking word about the women and children along with all the civilian men and innocents that they kill with their new age weapons... Perhaps a nuke on DC might make a difference, but then again with the brilliance you are showing thes days, life probably would go on as usual, Your churches would be full of self centered pompus assholes who believe some clown named Noah built a skiff and loaded all the animules one by one aboard and floated off into the distance till some silly fuckin bird brought him an olive branch... You believe that shit you better get a life.... You too stupid to operate that's for sure!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guess the only time I write

Is When Things Really Turn To Shit!

Well Joe Joe the Dog Faced Boy and his friendly sidekick Harry No Nuts Reid are going to Fred Astair off in the sunset... Lets hope that they doe this in Searchlight Nevada and they fall into one of those abandoned Silver mine shafts that take you about 10 minutes of free fall before you come to that sudden stop. You know, I really don't want too much, I would like the chance to live a little longer, to die painlessly if possible and to be surrounded by family and what few friends I have if I am lucid. I am a lucky one, I managed to have a good, no, that isn't the proper word, Excellent Doctor to remove over a meter of my colon to rid me of cancer in Portland VA Hospital. Dr. Rehm I salute you and your team... I owe you my life.

Now that I am home, I have found that the French Health Care is light years ahead of what you have in the United States. I just spent 10 days in Papeete getting Scanned, poked, prodded, examined and other than the Glaucoma doing it's slow advance, I am improving in my overall health. French medical care is second to none in the world today and no matter who you might be, if you're a tourist or a resident or a citizen, if you become sick or have an accident here you are covered. You know, That very same shit that the Repigliklanns don't want you to have as it would cut the profits on the high rollers in the health insurance industry and cause them to loose a few thousand dollars out of the hundreds of millions they are given when they run those companies into the ground.... Damm!!!!! Have I told anyone lately just how much I hate the Reich Wing Xtian Fundie Repig Bastards who control the shadow government of the United States. My only hope is that I live long enough to pick up a weapon and go hunting those mother fuckers when they open season on them..... The rich ones first then the stupid ones and finally the poor, cant leave those bastards out... They cause almost as many problems as the Rich 'cept the dont have money and they are polluting the very air I breathe... I saw Franken on the tube today, too bad he didn't reach across the aisle and rip the fucking arms off of Thune and beat him and the rest of the Repigs to death with those knarly extremeties...

I also saw where Howard Dean sez Kill the Bill..... Sure glad there is at least a few wise men running around washington.... After they kill the bill, they should load Joe Liarman on a unmanned drone and launch him into palestine wrapped in a Israeli flag.... Make sure the craft lands easily tho- I want the goods to be undamaged when they arrive for Hamas....

Angry??? Nah, I am fucking livid!!!! Fuck all the zionists and the other stupig greedy motherfuckers out there... If you are an american and aren't ashamed of your country then Fuck You too!!!!

I am glad, fuck that is not the word, Ecstatic to be living in a country controlled by Grownups. Vive la France, no pledges of allegiance to anything not to a flag, government, picture of some dumb motherfucker who didn't deserve to be elected and hasn't a fucking clue... Time for a change???? Bend over America Drop yer drawers and grab yer ankles here comes the fucking big one!

Just this old Chief's 2 cents