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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just When I Think You've Hit Bottom

Along comes another statement by those wonerful elected officials that are supposed to be doing your bidding. ie' ""Fox News: Ben Nelson Opposes Health Reform Because He ‘Understands The True Meaning Of Christmas’ ""

Fuck Me Dead!!!! What are we supposed to do, put cluster bombs in the stockings of every child in the world, Goddamn these selfserving piggish sons of bitches. They have balls they have to haul around in a 9m3 Dump Truck... I would give both arms after I had a chance to pass through the hallowed halls of Congress with several socks and several bars of soap.. Gimme Ivory, it is dense as hell and it floats, besides it makes one hell of a persuader insid a Navy sock... Old Navy Justice, made a believer out of a whole bunch of incorrigibles... They all crying and hollering about the babies and not a fucking word about the women and children along with all the civilian men and innocents that they kill with their new age weapons... Perhaps a nuke on DC might make a difference, but then again with the brilliance you are showing thes days, life probably would go on as usual, Your churches would be full of self centered pompus assholes who believe some clown named Noah built a skiff and loaded all the animules one by one aboard and floated off into the distance till some silly fuckin bird brought him an olive branch... You believe that shit you better get a life.... You too stupid to operate that's for sure!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guess the only time I write

Is When Things Really Turn To Shit!

Well Joe Joe the Dog Faced Boy and his friendly sidekick Harry No Nuts Reid are going to Fred Astair off in the sunset... Lets hope that they doe this in Searchlight Nevada and they fall into one of those abandoned Silver mine shafts that take you about 10 minutes of free fall before you come to that sudden stop. You know, I really don't want too much, I would like the chance to live a little longer, to die painlessly if possible and to be surrounded by family and what few friends I have if I am lucid. I am a lucky one, I managed to have a good, no, that isn't the proper word, Excellent Doctor to remove over a meter of my colon to rid me of cancer in Portland VA Hospital. Dr. Rehm I salute you and your team... I owe you my life.

Now that I am home, I have found that the French Health Care is light years ahead of what you have in the United States. I just spent 10 days in Papeete getting Scanned, poked, prodded, examined and other than the Glaucoma doing it's slow advance, I am improving in my overall health. French medical care is second to none in the world today and no matter who you might be, if you're a tourist or a resident or a citizen, if you become sick or have an accident here you are covered. You know, That very same shit that the Repigliklanns don't want you to have as it would cut the profits on the high rollers in the health insurance industry and cause them to loose a few thousand dollars out of the hundreds of millions they are given when they run those companies into the ground.... Damm!!!!! Have I told anyone lately just how much I hate the Reich Wing Xtian Fundie Repig Bastards who control the shadow government of the United States. My only hope is that I live long enough to pick up a weapon and go hunting those mother fuckers when they open season on them..... The rich ones first then the stupid ones and finally the poor, cant leave those bastards out... They cause almost as many problems as the Rich 'cept the dont have money and they are polluting the very air I breathe... I saw Franken on the tube today, too bad he didn't reach across the aisle and rip the fucking arms off of Thune and beat him and the rest of the Repigs to death with those knarly extremeties...

I also saw where Howard Dean sez Kill the Bill..... Sure glad there is at least a few wise men running around washington.... After they kill the bill, they should load Joe Liarman on a unmanned drone and launch him into palestine wrapped in a Israeli flag.... Make sure the craft lands easily tho- I want the goods to be undamaged when they arrive for Hamas....

Angry??? Nah, I am fucking livid!!!! Fuck all the zionists and the other stupig greedy motherfuckers out there... If you are an american and aren't ashamed of your country then Fuck You too!!!!

I am glad, fuck that is not the word, Ecstatic to be living in a country controlled by Grownups. Vive la France, no pledges of allegiance to anything not to a flag, government, picture of some dumb motherfucker who didn't deserve to be elected and hasn't a fucking clue... Time for a change???? Bend over America Drop yer drawers and grab yer ankles here comes the fucking big one!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Jeezbus!!! How time flys..... I am HOME, back in Paradise. Arrived home on Raiatea on 5 July spent the whole month of July and most of August sleeping, eating, taking photos, going to various and sundry doctors... Finally got back on a normal diet and after over 3 months of NO veggies... I am allowed to have anything and everything... Damn, I been piggin' out! I managed to gain 3.5 kilos since returning, I managed to take about 7 thousand photos of Heiva 2009 here in Raiatea. My Daughter and Son in Law decided last February to put together a Dance team and musical group for the contest here in July... I really didn't expect much as for a Hawaiian Tahitian group to get even close to being a competition usually takes a couple of years, and then they aren't really a big thing... But this year, Motu Vaihitemanu a brand spanking new team took best male dancer and locked up solid Second Place in the Island competition... Not shabby at all for a new face on the block... Makes me really proud of my family.... I will post photos up here as I get a round tuitt...

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

Well here I am again. Dunno how long I will post or how long this post will be. I pretty much lost interest after the death of my nephew last year and since my cancer treatment seemed to have taken alright (?), I am in the recovery mode and perhaps I will live long enough for my grandsons to get to know me. My wife is up from Tahiti,l and has the dubious distinction of having to load the boxes, inventory everything and load the container. I know, I am just a lazy shit, that sits around and barks orders and wants coffee...

Back in March when I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, COPD, and Colon Cancer, I was a rather unhappy camper. I had a go round with my surgeon, and am really thankful that she won and I lost. I think that a lot of it was due to my silly Chief Petty Officer hard headedness, and the fact that at the time I figured that my living wasn't too terribly important to me and being that I was the only one that counted I was going to go out blazing....... Really a stupid fucking idea and my wife and the Surgeon Ms. Dr. Rhem (?) both ganged up on me and made me see the light. Thank you both and Dr. Rhem, I hope that my apology to you will suffice as I know that you gave me my life back and without both of you ladies in my life, I would be a lot worse off than I am today. Dr, you gave me hope and a chance to be with my family and I will never be able to repay you for what you have given to me and my family... To us, the Jacksons and the Hapaitahaa's and the Tamahahe Families, we would like to send our appreciation and offer you our hospitality to you and your family on our island of Raiatea whenever you might like to visit us. That offer will stand as long as my family are alive.

To all the nurses and nurses aids whom I caused much anguish, I owe you all big time also. Thank all of you for your devotion to duty and the very long hours that you spent with me after the surgery and the painful time that I went thru for thje first 24 hours. You all were incredible, and you will never know how much I appreciate all that you did for me.

The Portland Veterans Hospital can be proud of it's 9th Floor surgery ward especially 9C! Bravo Zulu to all of you, and each and every one of you have a special place in my heart. I will never be able to repay you for your kindness, but I would like you to know that every kind act that I preform in the future, will have been done because of your kindness and humanity. I owe you all, Big Time!!!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


After all the work, the worries and the scramble to try to keep him with us, Avearii passed away..

I have been in a downward spiral, totally out of control since I learned of his falling into a coma and passing away.. I have been blaming myself for not being there for him and my family in their time of need. Ave, was actually my nephew who was raised by my daughter and her husband. He was an island boy, raised in the Tahitian traditions, a gentle lad, polite to the extreme and a joy to be with. He and my grandson Vaihi were like twins, inseparable and never caused a problem for anyone. I wanted a better photo than this, but it is the only one I have of him that is new.

He returned to Raiatea and home (hospitalized), but we had Skype and I talked to him daily up until he fell into a coma and passed on. Funny thing about the whole deal, was he looked like he was going to make it until the early morning of his death when he fell into a coma and never came out of it... At the very least, he was with family when he died. He had all his brothers, and cousins and aunties and uncles there at the very end...

My life is in shambles, and I know not which way to turn, and whom to turn to... I only wish that it could have been me instead of him... At least, there is no more pain and he will live in my mind as long as I am alive. One of these days in the not too distant future I will also part the curtain and step through into eternity... The very atoms of my being will be returned to the earth to become star dust and the building blocks for another world, another sun, and possibly another intelligent being...

I have waited over two weeks to post, and this is coming out lousy... I wanted to tell you of his life, short as it was, his aspirations and hopes. I feel honored to have known him and been his grandfather/uncle.... He like all grandkids, made my life brighter and worth living. I still have two others, so I am fortunate in that. It's just that I feel so out of sorts over the passing of one, and guilty of not being there for the family in their need.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Avearii's In Paris

Looking for x-ray technician training?

My Daughter Fanny is in Paris with my nephew/grandson Avearii. He was medevac'd to France to undergo treatment for a cancer of the blood. I know hardly nothing about the diagnosis so far, but called another nephew this morning, and talked to him and also got my daughters phone # and called her. She is staying in the room that he is in for the moment and will be moved when he starts his treatments and goes into isolation. He is quite weak and very tired from the journey and the disease, and I will have more information this Thursday on his condition and his chances... My nephew Doumai, is attending the University in Paris and I have his brother and another nephew there also who are watching out for Fanny and Avearii. We are very fortunate in that respect. I don't have to worry about much either at home in Tahiti, or in the Metropole. My hopes are high, and so are my spirits. I trust French Medicine more than that of the US... I have seen them pull off things that the US would have never even attempted.

Our Spirits are high, and we have better than an average chance of beating this beast.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Medevacs make for a long weekend

Looking for x-ray technician training?

Here, it is just a few minutes before 09:00 and just got off the phone with my daughter who will be leaving for Paris tonight from Papeete. She is going on a Medevac Flight with my adopted grandson Avearii. He is actually my nephew, but the Tahitians have an old system much like the American Indians or the Hawaiians where they adopt family members from other family members. Sometimes it is the fact that the real parents cannot afford another child, sometimes it is the idea that a child will do better with another part of the family. Perhaps it is the education, the upbringing, or any number of things, but they all work and work very well.

Avearii was diagnosed last week with a type of blood cancer, he came down with blue spots all over his body, went into convulsions and was first in our hospital on Raiatea then moved to the main hospital in Papeete, now that he has regained some strength and is in good enough shape to go to Paris, they are moving him tonight. His real mom, my sister in law, several uncles and my daughter and her family are all in Papeete today and I am asking everyone who knows me even from my blog to please think good thoughts... Not much on miracles or things, but good thoughts wouldn't hurt...

The flight from Papeete to Paris is right around 24 hours, and I won't hear anything until Sunday nite or Monday morning... Gots all my fingers and toes crossed....

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